Welcome to FracFocus.ca – a collaboration between provinces, territories, regulators and industry to provide Canadians with objective information on hydraulic fracturing, what legislation and regulations are in place to protect the environment including groundwater, and transparency on the ingredients that make up hydraulic fracturing fluids. This is not a static site and will be updated as more jurisdictions actively participate, whenever legislation or regulations change and/or as industry practices evolve.

This site was built by the BC Oil and Gas Commission and was conceived based on the companion site – FracFocus.org – which provides similar information for the benefit of American citizens. It’s designed so all provinces and territories can participate with public access to data regarding the location of oil and gas activity.  The website allows individual jurisdictions to upload data around hydraulic fracturing fluids provided to them by industry.

It is deliberately designed to provide the facts on issues that may be relevant to the public and is devoid of any “spin” or political commentary.

Please take the time to read through the information and if you still have questions, contact the provincial/territorial government or regulatory body in your jurisdiction for more information.

In British Columbia, contact the BC Oil and Gas Commission at 250-794-5200 or online at www.bcogc.ca.